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Limecourt is an alternative finance provider dedicated to facilitating and assisting ambitious and talented SMEs and entrepreneurs, a sector underserved by outdated traditional retail banks.

Our process is geared towards speed, bypassing the bureaucratic credit committees and restrictions typically associated to the world of financial lending.

The result is a more flexible, forward-thinking way of working. One that allows a project to take advantage of its first-to-market opportunity that made it so enticing in the first place.

The types of financing we provide, as well as two recent case studies, can be found below.

Senior and Mezzanine debt financing

We offer secured senior and mezzanine debt financing for professional and entrepreneurial property developers.

Development finance

We provide bespoke development finance facilities so that you can continue to move your project forward at each stage of its development.

Growth finance

We understand that growing a business can require significant quantities of cash at particular times in your business’s lifecycle. We can assist with funding tailored to your growth plans.

Bridging finance

We can provide secured short-term finance swiftly to assist you to acquire assets and secure your financial interests as quickly as possible.

Working capital

We are able to support you with your working capital requirements as we understand the significance that it plays in your business and its daily operations.


We are able to refinance any existing loans to release equity for your immediate use, in the process becoming a supporting partner for your future.

Acquisitions & management buyouts

We are able to provide the comfort that you have a tailored funding facility and supportive partner behind you as you look to utilise acquisitions to achieve your financial goals.

Phillip's Mews, Fulham

Phillip's Mews

We provided the mezzanine financing, subordinated behind senior debt, to facilitate the development of 4 new townhouses in a gated mews in the heart of Fulham. The development had a GDV of c.£8.5m.

Trenemans, Thurlestone


We participated right from the acquisition of the land and then through the construction process of 8 brand new detached, contemporary homes on a private estate in Thurlestone, Devon. The GDV of the development was £9.2m.

"Limecourt puts the borrower first. They operate in a way which does not over complicate matters. It’s this personal approach that truly differentiates them from traditional lenders."

Peter Marsden, Peter Marsden Property Finance