At Limecourt we invest in projects and people. More than that, we invest in talent.

Talent, integrity and stamina

Led by Ken Sanker and Stephen Barry, Limecourt is a boutique finance house providing private equity and mezzanine financing for the smaller company sector.

Our aim from the very beginning was to support talented individuals and SMEs, poorly serviced by the big retail banks.

Robust analysis and an unrelenting eye on the market informs our decisions. But we believe that the real key to any successful project is the talent behind it.

Talent, integrity, and stamina for hard work are the defining features that we look for in those we partner with.

For us, there's a more important box that can't be defined by spreadsheets and equations, and that's the people behind the project.

Beyond money

We’re more than just a finance provider. Instead, we work closely with our partners, ready to respond to any challenge thrown their way.

We understand that projects are live. They move, change and adapt to the environment around them.

So, experience has taught us that regular guidance, an intuitive ear and a reliable voice can be just as critical to a project’s success as the financial injection itself.

"Limecourt's commercial backing and guidance over the last 15 years has been invaluable. A relationship built on integrity – something you can’t put a price on."

Chris Galvin, Chef Patron, Galvin Restaurants

Chris Galvin, Chef Patron, Galvin Restaurants

“Not only have they been a source of great support during my time at Galvin at Windows, but Limecourt continue to be a loyal and insightful sounding board for my ventures into the entertainment sector.”

Fred Sirieix